"The Marshall" Silver and Gold Tungsten Wedding Band

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silver and gold tungsten wedding band
silver gold tungsten wedding band men
tungsten silver gold wedding band

You say, "Welcome to the West," with just a tip of your hat and a nod, your silver and gold tungsten wedding band flashing a quick hint of authority, like a star shaped badge.  You'll assume that every newcomer to your town is there for honorable reasons, but you'll let 'em know that shenanigans won't be tolerated. 

You appear quite genteel with your tailored suit from NYC and your clean nails, but the broken-in boots with the scuffed toes tell the story of a man who ain't afraid of a scuffle. Likes it, in fact. 

If you take off your ring - this ring - it means someone's about to have his feelings hurt. Maybe worse. You can tell a lot about a man by the kind of ring he wears.  You can tell even more about him when he takes care to put it away before helping others remember their manners.  

This silver and gold tungsten wedding band is 8mm in width. We have it in 6mm, too.  The women love that one for themselves.  Highly polished with a strip of plated yellow gold all the way around.  Comfort fit band. For the gentleman peace keeper. 

This ring is in stock and ships from the manufacturer. That's in Texas. You'll have it in about a week, give or take a day or two.  Engraving is not available. 


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