"The Crawford" Silver and Gold Tungsten Wedding Band

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silver and gold tungsten wedding band
silver gold plated tungsten wedding band
silver and gold wedding band

Our silver and gold tungsten wedding band shown here is the 6mm width version of "The Marshall."  That doesn't mean you're a sissy for wanting a ring this size.  Unless you are a sissy, in which case we say, "Well okay then, go on with your bad sissy-self."  Ya see, we don't really care who wears what and why.  We just care about fitting you up with the best wedding band you can find.  

Typically (that means usually) women choose the smaller ring when selecting (that means picking out) a matching wedding band set.  Maybe she has a bigger truck than you, though.  Anyway, there are no rules about wedding ring sizes.  There used to be rules, but those days are gone, like the days of the bag phone and the console TV.  You make your own rules, now. You choose your own ring.    

This silver and gold tungsten wedding band is polished to a high shine, scratch resistant and has a comfort fit band, like all of our rings. That yellow gold plated stripe goes all the way around in a circle, like a stock car on a dirt track. You'll love it.  

We also have the set available, if you want two rings. In stock and ready to ship, you can expect them to arrive in about a week, give or take a day or two. Our stock rings cannot be engraved.   

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