"The Tucker" 8mm Silver Tungsten Wedding Band

Tungsten Bluff

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8mm silver tungsten wedding band
silver tungsten wedding ring
tungsten wedding band brushed silver

"The Tucker" is an 8mm silver tungsten wedding band with a brushed matte silver center, highly polished sides. 

You're ready for a fishing trip just about any time.  You can make your own pole with any green sapling and a little bit of line.  A pop top becomes a hook and a socket becomes a sinker.  You're ready. 

This wedding band isn't flashy but has just enough refinement to hold its' own in any setting.  Whether you're on a fishing trip in Tennessee or you're double checking topography maps with your project manager for the tiny home village you're building that will make a big difference in the lives of homeless families with children. (There's gonna be a fish pond, too.  Fishing is good for the soul, you say.  Yours and theirs.)  This tungsten wedding band is like your cape, you Super Hero, you. 

"The Tucker" is 8mm in width.  5 - 15 sizes in stock.  It's also available in 6mm. In stock and ready to ship.  You'll have it in about a week.

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